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Computing With Accents and Foreign Scripts

Adobe Acrobat Connect

These instructions explain how to post non-English content in the "Note pod" and "Chat pod" of Penn State's Adobe Acrobat Connect web conferencing software.

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  1. Windows
  2. Macintosh


On Windows, you need to activate the keyboards or use the accent codes so you can type non-English text in the Breeze pods.


On Macintosh (Firefox) you need to copy and paste non-English text between Text Edit and the Breeze pods.

  1. Open a Unicode text editor such as Text Edit (free from Apple), BBEdit or Word.
  2. Use the appropriate accent codes or activate the appropriate keyboard for your language.
    See the By Language page for details for your language.
  3. Type the non-English text in Text Edit.
  4. Log in to Acrobat Connect (formerly Breeze), then copy and paste from Text Edit from into the note pod or chat window.

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