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Links and References

Many links are aimed for more technical development, but some general links are also included.

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  1. Internationalization
  2. Unicode Fonts
  3. By Platform
    1. Windows
    2. Macintosh
    3. Unix/Linux
    4. Browsers
  4. Web Development
    1. HTML Entity Codes
    2. Language and Country Codes
    3. Unicode Links
    4. Local Character Sets
  5. By Language - See pages for each language for links


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Unicode Fonts

The following fonts are available to support additional characters not available in the default system fonts. All fonts are free for commercial use and can be installed on both Windows and Mac OS X except where noted. System 9 does not fully support Unicode fonts.

These sites list sources for different fonts by script. A Google search is also recommended for specific scripts.

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By Platform


Windows Accents

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Windows Keyboards


Macintosh Accent Codes

Macintosh Keyboards

Links for the Macintosh are also included in specific By Language pages.


See also individual By Language pages for more links. Linux is becoming a popular operating system around the world because of its low price and open source programming model.

Accent Codes


Configure Browsers

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Web Development


HTML Entity Codes

See the TLT HTML Entity Code page or one of these sites.

HTML Entity Codes

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Language Tags

These pages include lists of official ISO-639 language codes.

ISO-639 Two-Letter Language Codes

Use these codes if available for your language

ISO-639-3 Codes for Linguists and Archivists

Use these codes if you cannot find an appropriate code for your language in the lists above, then use these.

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Unicode Links

Unicode Fonts

See Fonts list above.

Unicode Test Pages

The following Web sites show Unicode with a number of different scripts. Some pages may take time time to download and process.

Results will vary. Some scripts such as Greek and Cyrillic are well supported, others such as Armenian and phonetic symbols have lesser support, and some such as Runic and Cherokee have little to no support.

Unicode Resources

Unicode Operating Systems

Advanced Unicode

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Legacy Character Sets

These are links which show the specifications for different encoding systems and the languages they are associated with. However, most languages can also be encoded as Unicode (utf-8).

NOTE: "C.P." (Codepage) is the same as "Windows". For instance CP1252 is Windows-1252.

  1. Encodings by Language
  2. All Encoding Charts
  3. ISO-8859 Encoding Charts
  4. Windows Encoding Charts

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